This page applies to our hospice agencies as follows


Centre Crossings Hospice - State College, Pa and surrounding areas

Hospice: The Bridge - Lewistown, Pa and surrounding areas

VNA Health System Crossings Hospice - Shamokin, Pa and surrounding areas

Crossings Hospice of the VNA - Harrisburg, Pa and surrounding areas



The end-of-life is the most difficult of circumstances to face. VNA Health System

Crossings Hospice program is designed to support terminally ill patients and their

families during this trying time.

Hospice is specialized care which treats the whole person; body, mind and soul.

Patients receive care through difficult physical discomfort and support for emotional

distress.  Our approach is one based on respect to preserve dignity for our patient

when the end is near.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when it is time for hospice care?
Patients are eligible for hospice care after being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness

deemed terminal with a prognosis of six months or less.  The Hospice Team’s

primary focus will be to manager your symptoms and provide comfort care.

Where can I receive hospice care?
You can receive hospice care in your home (even if you live alone), a long-term

care facility, personal care home and even a hospital.  If a patient requires

hospitalization to stabilize a symptom, it is usually an inpatient short-stay. 

However, the majority of symptoms can be managed appropriately in a

home-like setting, which eliminates the stress of a hospitalization. 

Patients do not need to be home-bound to receive hospice care.

Do I have the right to select the hospice program of my choice?
It is the patient’s right to request a hospice program of their choice.  Many different

hospice programs are found throughout the area. However, Crossings Hospice is

about living life to the fullest. We encourage patients to do what they enjoy as long

as they are able.  Hospice care does not confine a patient to their home. 

Our Hospice Team provides supportive care to ensure quality of life.

Can a patient leave hospice care and return to curative treatment?
Patients can choose to leave hospice for curative treatment at any time. Hospice is

a choice.  Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, allow for

re-activation of a hospice benefit.

Does Crossings Hospice provide in-home, 24-hour care?
No.  Crossings Hospice provides nursing visits to monitor, re-assess and treat

symptoms which allow the stages of an illness to unfold as comfortable as possible

while alleviating suffering.  However, a nurse on our Hospice Team can be reached

24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergent situations.

A Hospice Team focused on you

Crossings Hospice recognizes that every patient’s care plan is unique, and our

hospice team will address their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs so

that a continuum of care is constant.

In order to provide the best care possible, we have comprised a group of clinical

professionals to formulate your individualized plan of care in accordance with your

physician’s orders.  Our team ranges in disciplines from skilled nursing care to

therapy modalities to spiritual counseling.  We deliver compassionate care, which

is focused on our patient’s wants and desires to improve their quality of life.

Hospice Care Team

•    Patient and family
•    Caregiver
•    Primary Care Physician
•    Nurses
•    Hospice Medical Director
•    Medical Social Worker

•    Hospices Aides
•    Volunteers
•    Pastoral Care/Grief Support


Family Coping

Stress can be overwhelming for a family and caregiver when faced with a terminal

illness. Our program offers additional help the caregiver can rely on.  Caregivers

need time to rest and relax. Hospice aides are available to help with personal care

tasks such as bathing and light housekeeping.  Crossings Hospice also provides

families and caregivers with education on necessary skills to care for a loved one

who is terminal.  We are here to lend supportive assistance and help families and

caregivers cope with the end of life.

Grief Support

At the end of life, the patient’s family and caregiver are not forgotten. 

VNA Health System hosts a Bereavement Support Group for family members and

caregivers. Through group support, families and caregivers can share experiences

and assist one another through the grief process. 

Guest speakers and participation in activities reinforce learning mechanisms to

cope with loss.  Our Hospice Team stays in touch with you to lend support during

the next year as you acclimate to the changes in your life.

Crossings Hospice Services

(in accordance with diagnosis and care plan)

•    Bereavement Support
•    Inpatient Care
•    Medical Equipment and Supplies

•   Medications
•   Nutritional Counseling
•   Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies
•   Respite Care
•   Symptom and Pain Management

For more information on hospice services, email crossingshospice@vnahs.com.